Number factorizer (a.k.a. integer factorization calculator) computes prime factors of a natural number or an expresssion involving + – * / ^ ! operators that evaluates to a natural number. The result of the number factorization is presented as multiplication of the prime factors in ascending order. If result of the expression evaluation is a prime number then the number itself is returned.

Big number converter : This service allows you to convert big positive integer numbers into binary, decimal, hexadecimal or base64 encoding schemes. The big number bitsize is also calculated. For example: The following hexadecimal big number converted into a decimal encoding scheme: b5 6c 4f ee ef 1b 04 5d be 70 4a d8 55 1d 8a 77

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Tool to make multiplication with large numbers. Multiplication is a basic arithmetic operation defined as the repetition of an addition. 3 times 2 = 2+2+2. standard calculators are limited with big numbers.

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Percent, an abbreviation of per centum meaning per hundred, is how we express a number as a fraction of 100. Some of us use percentages.

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Free and fast online Big Integer Number calculator. Just type in your numbers in decimal or hexadecimal format and click any button. This calculator can handle large numbers, with any number of digits, as long as they are integers.